Surely, many of you will be thinking about how to decorate the spaces of your restaurants for this Christmas, or even some of you will have already done so, but if you are still asking yourself what elements you should use in the Christmas tree or how to set your dining room, don’t worry about anything, because today we show you what the new decorative trends are for this Christmas.

Gold and red colors

Is there more Christmas than red and gold colors? Both colours perfectly define Christmas and make your decorations much more ornamental and while classic Christmas, they still tend to this day, for some reason it will be, right?

Imagine, a natural Christmas tree all decorated of gold and red or a table centre with golden candles and green and red flowers, both dream options, don’t you think? In the end and in the head, you’ve seen that these two colors allow you to play with different decorations and Christmas designs.

Moles gift paper

Another essential element in the Christmas period is the paper to wrap gifts, and this year, if you fanatic of the stamped with moles, your paper and you are gonna triumph! But, we all have to be conscious that during Christmas the amount of paper used to wrap gifts is very high, so we want to give you some options to be more ecofriendly.

The first alternative, and from our point of view the most well-defined, is to use recycled source paper or also called Kraft paper, as it provides the same physical aspect as cellulose, but is much more environmentally friendly. Another option is to use newspaper paper, as it is made mainly from recovered paper. Finally, we would link to propose you a Japanese technique called Furoshiki, which consist of using cloth to wrap gifts.

Natural and rústic style

Being originals and sustainable at the same time is possible, a clear example of it are the painted silver pineapples, which combined with a rustic decoration, that is, based on simplicity, luminosity and naturalness, will perfectly illuminate your room.

Another alternative for lightning and dabbling, are the GC Class products, which with their elegant touch and high quality, will allow you to dress your table with a differential and modern touch. Moreover, every single product of GC Class is sustainable, as his Airlaid material, his inks and the packaging are compostable.
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