Discover our line of table napkins.

Our broad line of napkins, in different materials, formats, colours and designs, is designed for all types of spaces and establishment concepts. Choose the quality and format that best suits each moment, from a cocktail party to an elegant dinner or an important event.

Among our wide variety of napkins, you can find the Nature line, made from 100% recycled fibre, and with embossed border finishes or Punta&Punta, a technology that gives greater strength and body than a traditional two-layer napkin, improving its appearance and absorption capacity. As well as the GC CLASS line, with a pleasant appearance, feel similar to fabric and greater resistance than traditional cellulose.
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Technical characteristics
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In the GC Class napkins you can find two collections: Airlaid and Spunlace. Two types of single-use materials, with a feel similar to fabric to decorate your establishment elegantly.

Within the Airlaid Collection you will find ¼ napkins and pocket fold in 13 different colours and a variety of design options. The Spunlace Collection starts with a line of designs with a textile appearance and many possible combinations.
The Punta&Punta napkins have more resistance and body than a traditional two-layer napkin. The finished Punta&Punta is characterised by the joining of the two napkin layers with one drop of glue. This type of embossing, improves the appearance of the napkin so that the layers do not separate and it increases the absorption capacity, which improves the efficiency of the napkin. The Punta&Punta napkins reduce consumption and facilitate saving.
The GC napkins make up our most extensive product line in different sizes, colours and qualities. A functional product that combines with the GC line of tablecloths and facilitates the creation of diverse environments giving a touch of colour to the establishment.
The Nature napkins line is the most eco-friendly of our line, made of 100% recycled fibres. The paper that we use is manufactured from the cellulose fibres present in cardboard packaging, which gives it its brown colour.
Our P&P napkins line, ¼ format, to decorate the table during Christmas time. Discover the variety of designs that we offer and revamp annually, combinable with other P&P tones and solid tablecloths.
New range of recycled table. We bet on white recycling in our table range. The experience that we endorses, both as experts in products for the table, as in the manufacture of recycling, It allows us to launch new formats of recycled napkins. High quality napkins, softness and 100% recycled.

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