We push the company towards continued evolution.


We always search for new solutions that allow us to develop products, differentiated services and internal value processes for the sector in which we work.

At Gomà-Camps we develop innovation in such a way that allows us to address it in its three horizons: short, medium and long term. And we work on it from two perspectives:
Exploitation: which is related to the current business and the day-to-day operations of our processes, with an incremental approach.
Exploration: to get closer and learn about new approaches and more disruptive solutions.

To do this, we encourage internal innovation through challenges that we throw at our talented team with the aim of capturing ideas and carrying out projects that generate changes or new opportunities. The objective is to respond to the changing market, offering new and creative solutions valued by our collaborators. And since we know that the world and technologies are changing exponentially, we collaborate with startups, technology centers and other corporations to introduce the most disruptive innovation in the organization and in the products and services we offer to our clients.

Innovation has helped us create new concepts for our products such as:

CONFORDECO, softness and comfort for skin care.
A line of domestic toilet paper manufactured with decorated tissue paper. Its exclusive joining of layers and lower amount of glue guarantee greater softness and comfort, as well as a more attractive design.
TISUCLASS, the most elegant way to decorate the table.
Our non-woven, one-time use material. It has a similar feel to fabric and can be used as a complement to decorate tables. Also, it is cheaper than fabric and has greater resistance and absorption than the cellulose napkins.
XTRASEC, towels that attract water.
Their exclusive double-layer adhesion system is softer, more absorbent and more attractive than the majority of the towels on the market. Their completely sealed packaging guarantees the hygiene of the product when used.
ADD SYSTEM, exclusive layer-joining system.
This system offers more resistance thanks to the joining of laminated layers, preventing their separation. Also, it has greater volume, fluffiness and absorption capacity due to the spaces of air between each layer.
PUNTA&PUNTA, napkins with greater resistance and body
Developed with a type of embossing with one drop of glue between the two sheets of tissue paper. In this way, the napkins have greater resistance and body, in addition to greater absorption and volume.
Do you have an idea? We want to innovate with you.