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We are opting for generating our own photovoltaic energy to avoid emitting nearly 87,500 tonnes of CO2.

An agreement was recently signed between Gomà-Camps, financier Recap Energy and solar engineering firm Quantica Renovables for the construction, operation and maintenance of a rooftop photovoltaic installation at GCC.

Solar engineering firm Quantica Renovables is to be responsible for setting up the photovoltaic installation and providing technical support for the switch to generating our own power. Start-up of the installation is planned for early 2023.

This self-consumption installation divided between the roof and the ground will be one of the biggest anywhere in Spain, with 5 MWp of power installed, meeting 25% of our total demand for electricity. With a total of 9,166 modules, the photovoltaic plant will take up 45,000 m2 of roof space at the industrial plant, and it will generate more than 8 million kWh a year of renewable energy, avoiding emissions of over 87,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere over the next 25 years.

Avoiding emissions of more CO2 into the environment is a great success for Gomà-Camps. Starting up the new photovoltaic installation to generate our own power with technology that does not emit CO2 enables us to achieve our aim of reducing our dependence on other energy sources and switch to cleaner power. This installation, one of the biggest in Spain, is a further step forward in our commitment to caring for the planet and people through sustainable business growth. Moreover, this major project has a special impact in terms of Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 7, targets Gomà Camps has set itself as a corporation.


About Recap Energy

Recap offers its clients the possibility of cutting their electricity costs through photovoltaic solar power. Thanks to its Energy as a Service (EaaS) model based on flexibility and personalisation, Recap offers innovative financial solutions to make energy change possible in the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) sector.

The client gains greater energy independence by consuming the power it produces without having to make any kind of investment, under a "pay for use" format, paying only for the energy it consumes from its own installation.

Supported by a strong network of specialist partners, Recap offers its energy services throughout Spain and Portugal.

About Quantica Renovables

Quantica Renovables is a company specialising in solar engineering that offers a full range of possibilities for homes and businesses to generate and use their own power. Quantica Renovables places the sun at the service of its clients by offering total management of any self-consumption project, advising, designing, financing and installing photovoltaic solar power to meet the real needs of any family or business.

his 2021 the Strategic Plan of the groups has been defined for the coming years, and the Group’s Mission, Vision and Values has been aligned with greater commitment to society. In line with this compromise, in 2022 we will launch our first Strategic RSC and Sustainability Plan, adopted by the Management Board of the Group on 22 September. In this way, we are committed to Global Challenges and we are aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (ODS).

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Strategy is a concept that helps us get to where we want to go, where we aspire to be … it is about imagining the future, creating opportunities, setting challenges to work on and overcome them.

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For the Gomà-Camps group to give our colleagues the best possible service is a major aspect. That is why we have taken one more step forward by creating for each sector and business a sectoral leaflet showing the brands and their product ranges for each need.

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