We are committed to the improvement of the manufacturing processes and the optimisation of requirements.

At Gomà-Camps we believe that optimising our energy and water resources is essential. Because of this, our efforts are centred on improving the processes of production and optimisation of requirements.
What do we do?
  • We conduct energy audits designed to improve our consumption
  • We continually adjust the different sections of our manufacturing plants to improve yields
  • We continuously inspect our paper machines to stay below the average energy consumption in the industry.
Gomà-Camps has been a leader for quite some time in the reduction of water consumption in the recycled tissue sector with two objectives: environmental necessities and awareness. Currently we recirculate over 50% of our water, which is returned in perfect conditions to the river after being used and purified.
The aim of the Company is to continue reducing the consumption of water in the production process. With this in mind, we collaborate with universities and institutions to improve and optimise resources, and to achieve direct results in the care for our environment.
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