The return to the “normal” life in shops, bar and restaurants, seems that is taking rhythm. In this sense it is important, now more than ever, to have general hygiene / or protection measures for people in different places. For this, all national Governments are taking measurements that recommended to all the population. Those new ways to live it will make to be more protected around. For sure that you can check on your country state site which are the regulations.

In this regard, tissue paper is a very safe way to maintain hygiene and protect us from possible contagion. Products such as disposable tissues, facials  or hand towels, are single products use that help us protect ourselves. For example, covering your mouth and nose with disposable tissues when you cough or sneeze and then throwing the tissue in a covered trash can be a way of protection that we all must follow. Equally, these measures are also applicable in boxes and points of attention to the public or in public sale stalls such as bars, restaurants, restaurants in hotels, cafes, etc. It is important to offer our clients all possible hygiene measures that are so important to apply. And tissue paper, virgin and recycled cellulose, offers this feature.

Do you know how you should act to protect your business, your customers and your employees? But just as important is the protection of people as having clean contact surfaces. For example, restaurants and chairs in restaurants; bars or cafes are points where hygiene must be extreme. The tablecloths  are the great allies to ensure that our customers do not have contact with the table and thus enhances hygiene between one and another service as it is the tissue to use and throw.


Another important focus that is essential to keep well cleaned are toilets. Not only by cleaning and disinfecting with suitable products, but by offering our customers, for example, automatic hand-dryer dispensers which you don’t need to touch the dispense the tissue towels, after washing of the hands. Thus we ensure that direct contact of the hands is only with paper. Because proper hand washing is as important as drying. The authorities recommend preferably using the drying paper. Studies confirm that, for example, air dryers spread viruses more significantly. Therefore, single-use paper is the most hygienic way to reduce the risk of virus transmission by drying hands. In addition, it is an easily discarded product, since it can be thrown into the bins with lids.

Single-use tissue paper is a great ally to protect us and protect the rest!.


Ecologic products are trendy. Companies from different sectors are committing to have products on their portfolio which have concern for environment. At Gomà-Camps we have been manufacturing tissue paper 100% recycled for more than 30 years. We keep in mind the importance of our skills so to be sustainable in order to guarantee a better future for our planet. We have a large product range of tissue paper, but recycled one is the most popular as GC ecologic+. This is the new brand of recycled paper 100% of Gomà-Camps which answers to the costumers needs who are making aware with the environment without giving up the quality. Visit

But… Why you should choose ecological products? Because tissue recycled paper says a lot of a company due to contributes directly to around care and environment.
In our tissue paper recycled production we use recovered paper that makes the function of raw material and we reduce the volume of waste in landfills. Moreover, we promote the circular economy due to cellulose it could be reused until 7 times stretching on his cycle life. Also we promote the creation of new green jobs thanks to use closeness recovered paper.

We are sustainable too because we reduce CO2 emissions in 50% to avoid global warming. It minimizes the extinction of no removable resources and it optimizes our water consumption in 50% and energy  in 20%. So we avoid risks and problems environmental because it doesn’t use chemical dangerous products and it adds value to our waste as products that takes advantage to use in other industries.

Our GC ecologic + products are 100% recycled and all of them are certified by independent organizations as Ecolabel and FSC.

To choose 100% recycled paper from Gomà-Camps is guarantee of quality and sustainability.


Four basic tricks to create stunning table settings


If there’s one table that’s perfect for all occasions and uses, it’s the dining room table. From a special meal to organizing our holidays or getting together with family and friends, the dining table is the nerve centre of our home, a place with its own special light and endless practical everyday possibilities. When we create stunning dining table looks, not only do we highlight the value of this essential spot in our home, but we also make our living space more welcoming and attractive.


With the hectic pace of everyday life, it can be difficult to dream up new ideas to make our dining table look special. Luckily, there are some simple guidelines we can follow that will help us create stunning settings, transforming our dining room into a magical space.



  • You can’t go wrong with natural colours. Fashions come and go. So if you’re not sure what colours or materials to go for, why not choose natural or wood tones? A neutral scheme is timelessly elegant and suits all settings. Our My Tissue Nature range is ideal in this respect, as it’s made from high-quality recycled materials that give the products a soft touch, rendered in a classic camel hue that coordinates with all spaces.

Mesa de comedor con flores

  • Play with different types and colours of tablecloth. Get into mixing and matching. Combine elements with very different styles to achieve an eclectic yet harmonious end result. Experiment with unusual prints or textures on a plain tablecloth. Ilusion offers a wide range of paper table coverings in rolls that you can combine with different collections of decorated paper napkins.
  •  Mesa de comedor decorada Ilusion

    • White means light. If your dining room doesn’t benefit from a great deal of natural light, use white to emphasise your table. White highlights in a natural way – and it also makes your dining room look bigger! You can also opt for other light shades: try oranges, yellows, acid greens, and so on.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas whenever you have to dress your table.  Your dining table has the potential to be the focal point of your home. Turn it into something special!

    Five strategies for a dining room that brings the customers in


    Appearances really do matter. Decorating your dining room in a clever and special way is essential to making your bar or restaurant a uniquely attractive space for your customers. If they’ve never been there before, the impression they get in the initial 10 seconds is key to capturing the interest and packing out your dining room.

    There’s a whole wealth of trends to choose from when it comes to decorating, lighting and even organizing your dining room, from natural looks, bohemian chic, electro/industrial, rustic: the list goes on! So if you’re stumped as to where to start, read on for five top tips!

    • Recycling is best. Dare to decorate your dining room with recycled and sustainable materials that will not only bring savings on waste management but also make you stand out in the eyes of your customers. You might want to choose tablecloths and napkins made from recycled paper (see our Nature range), use flowers or plants to decorate the space and create a relaxing atmosphere, or use empty bottles to create upcycled lamps that lend an intimate touch.mesa-rollo-mantel-flores
    • Choose your colours with care. The colours you use in your establishment have a decisive impact on your customers’ perceptions and behaviour. When selecting a colour scheme, whether for the whole venue, the tables, the kitchen, and so on, you should take into account the connotations that some colours have. White, for example, transmits purity and cleanliness, making it ideal for spaces where the focus is on the food. Yellow is associated with hope and motivation: it evokes positive energy. Black is a sober colour by nature, and works well to evoke a sense of sophistication. The DCR brand offers more than 15 colours for decorating tables when what’s needed is a tablecloth that’s resistant to moisture.
      : Sala blanca de restaurante.
    • Experiences that aren’t just about food. While cooking plays an important part in the customer experience, it’s also important that bathrooms and other spaces have a décor in keeping with the food on offer. So it’s a good idea for the dining room to be visible from the street, with lighting that serves to highlight the dishes, and tables, cutlery, napkins, tablecloths and chairs that match the image transmitted by the dining room. Offer your guests a great experience with a wide range of napkins and tablecloths, such as GC Class, DCR or P&P.

    Restaurante moderno con grandes ventanales

    • Make the most of the best spaces. There are always special spaces of your premises that can be used to attract the attention of your customers. The tables next to the windows tend to be the largest and most desirable, while situating wine racks near tables works to encourage customers to consume this product. Assess the whole space and emphasise those areas that can be used to make it as attractive as possible.
    • Stand out from the crowd. Whatever your unique selling point – décor, food, a special initiative such as thematic meals – make sure it is visible from the street: a hook to bring you more business. Your customers will have plenty of options to choose from, so you need to convince them from first contact that your establishment is the one they should visit.

    Make savings in your company with sustainable habits


    Almost half of the environmental impact that we have in our everyday lives is generated during our journeys to and from work and the time that we spend in our offices. Leaving the computer switched on overnight or putting the air con up too high are examples of actions with direct consequences for our environment.

    Just as you try to behave and consume in a sustainable way at home by changing minor everyday habits, you can also take steps to achieve energy savings and an optimal use of resources in your company. And we are here to tell you how!

    Clever lighting

    You don’t necessarily need to have lots of fixtures or bulbs to have a well-lit work space. The design of your surroundings also has a considerable influence on their lighting requirements. If you have windows, make sure you take full advantage of the natural light they provide. If you work in an enclosed area, look to use white or light-coloured furnishings to create a sense of warmth and light.

    Don’t forget to switch off the lights at the end of your working day and, if possible, install motion sensors in the most frequently used areas so that lights are only activated when they are needed.

    Oficina moderna con grandes ventanales.

    Recycle, recycle, recycle

    You might think there isn’t much you can recycle in your office environment. But in fact, apart from recycling the paper that you use every day in your printers, you can also recycle plastic bottles used during the course of the day, as well as food leftovers. And, of course, you should consider using recyclable tissue papers such as those in Gomà Camps’s GC Eco or Nature ranges, both when it comes to toilet roll and paper towels, and for paper napkins and tablecloths in eating areas.

    Mesa de madera con dos dispensadores de servilletas.

    Promote waste separation. If a waste separation system is already in place in your company, don’t forget to use it! If no system is being used yet, you can contribute to getting it started and encouraging the rest of the team to respect it.

    Not too hot, not too cold

    One of the most common debates you can find in any office is to do with air-conditioning and heating, and what temperature and power settings to use.  The best option is to open the windows when possible to help the air circulate in your office and avoid overusing climate control systems.

    Our workplaces have become our second homes, spaces where we spend a large part of our day. We have a great opportunity to start creating healthy, sustainable surroundings. Why not start with these simple habits and do your bit towards looking after the environment?


    The broad line of designs of our decorated Ilusion napkins enables your creativity when it comes to decorating your table, giving a touch of colour and style to your meals and parties. Today we want to share some simple ideas on how to fold our napkins in an original way that will surely help you achieve a more striking table that will surprise diners and guests.


    If it is a family meal, or with your partner, with three simple folds, placing the napkin on the plate, you will give a different touch to your table. For a more impressive effect, it is important to coordinate the colours of the napkins with the tablecloth and the crockery. For example, we suggest that you combine the  Cashmere napkin with a violet tablecloth. Do you like how it looks?


    Another option that we love at Ilusion is to display several models of napkins combined with each other for a surprising effect. In fact, many of our designs are intended for you to play with them, creating different compositions. Today we present one with the Cashmere napkin.


    First, fold it in a triangle shape.
    Place it vertically on the plate and do the same with the purple Spider napkin. Although, a priori, they are very different designs, one a more ethnic style and the other contemporary, combined they look very pretty for an informal party or dinner with your friends in which finger food is plentiful.
    For an even more striking effect, choose to alternate the order of the designs for each plate and you will achieve a unique and very complete table that will impress your guests.
    Because we want you to be the perfect host of your soirées and gatherings, we will share new ideas and inspiration on how to combine our designs in the Ilusion Blog. And if you have already tried a combination at home, share it in the comments. We would love to know what Ilusion looks like in your home!


    Valentine’s Day is coming, and at Ilusion we get romantic! We offer you several models of napkins in the colección San Valentín to celebrate such a special time of the year.
    For happy moments and a classic Valentine’s decoration, you will succeed with a red table. For this, the Happy Red slim tablecloth roll will give you a base on which to combine white crockery or baroque engravings, to bring a touch of celebration to the table, and Cuore Ilusion napkins, with small red hearts. Some red flowers will give the final touch to your table decoration.

    Discover the Love, model, in violet and fuchsia tones, that fits perfectly with the Cherry Pink, slim tablecloth roll, which will bring modernity to your Valentine’s Day table. Combine it with some candles to add romance to your date, and you will have the perfect evening.

    Also, if you love hearts and do not need a special date to celebrate love in your home, you will love the L’Amour model of the San Valentín collection in beige. You can set any spring or winter decoration, on the Happy Red or Vanilla Yellow slim tablecloth roll.

    At any time… Decorate your romantic moments with Ilusion!