We manufacture, transform and market high quality tissue paper for the professional, with high sustainability standards.


Our integral production covers everything from the manufacturing of paper in jumbo rolls to its transformation into a finished product in converting. This guarantees total control of the manufacturing process and high quality in the final product.

Gomà-Camps invests in state-of-the-art machinery to continuously improve industrial processes, reducing both energy consumption and the environmental impact of its activity.

Paper manufacturing

We produce 4 different types of high quality and certified cellulose, through a process that respects the environment:
Virgin Cellulose
Nature Cellulose
Recycled Cellulose
Blue Cellulose
Our manufacturing capacity covers all 4 paper production stages
Paper formation
Injection of the mixture of water and fibres on a plastic cloth and a felt, placed around a roller where the sheet of paper is formed.
The formed sheet is adhered to the felt and is transported to the presses. These are pressed against the dryer, thus removing much of the water from the sheet and transferring it to the surface of the dryer.
The sheet is dried due to the energy released by the condensation of the steam inside the dryer and the hot air blown at 450° by the hood on the paper’s surface.
Creping and Rolling
A crepe blade detaches the sheet from the surface of the dryer. The sheet is rolled on a cylinder at a low speed, thus creating the creping on the paper and giving the characteristics of tissue paper. The sheet is rolled up forming a coil of weighing approximately 3 tonnes.
To carry out the entire manufacturing process we have:
  • 2 tissue paper manufacturing machines in La Riba (Tarragona) with a total capacity of 60,000 tonnes per year, both in virgin and recycled cellulose.
  • A section for treating recycled paper and waste management.
  • Physical-chemical and biological water treatment.
  • A section for preparing virgin pulp.


We transform tissue paper into high-quality table and hygiene products through a wide park of 34 production lines, in detail:
  • 4 high cellulose production lines, paper towel and industrial toilet paper.
  • 1 converting lines for household paper rolls.
  • 14 automated high-capacity line for the manufacturing of unitary formats.
  • 5 napkin production machines.

New paper manufacturing machine

Coinciding with our 265th anniversary, in 2018 we are incorporating a new paper manufacturing machine to go one step further in the quality of our products. The

seventh paper machine of Gomà-Camps Group is a complete line for high-quality tissue paper manufacturing since virgin cellulose.
  • A production mix consisting of toilet paper and kitchen towel.
  • A production capacity of 34,000 tonnes per year and a speed of 2,000 metres per minute (120 km/hr).
  • New buildings with a total surface area of 12,000 m2 to accommodate the storage of raw materials, preparation of pulps and the production facility.

Its deployment, thanks to the German company Voith, represents an investment of 32 million euros during fiscal year 2017-2018 and the creation of 35 new employment opportunities.

With this new paper machine, the Gomà-Camps Group aims to cover the growing demand of tissue and to reinforce its position in the global market and particularly in the consumer goods sector. This project gives Gomà-Camps Group a total productive capacity of 95,000 tonnes of paper per year.

What differentiates us?

A more complete line: We manufacture 60,000 tonnes of tissue paper annually in a great, high-quality finished product line.

The quality of our service: We anticipate the needs of a changing market and we are committed to continued technological renovation in our production assets to the service of customers. The purpose: to guarantee a constant quality of our products with continued attention.

Sustainability: We constantly invest in the latest generation of machinery to improve industrial processes, reducing both energy consumption and the environmental impact of our activity to be environmentally friendly.
A substantial part of the tonnes that we manufacture annually is recycled fibre paper, which is produced from recovered paper in printing houses, offices, etc. and is biodegradable and eco-friendly.
Thanks to this recycling process the majority of the cellulose fibres that paper contains can be recovered. When the cellulose fibre is reused several times in succession it is called recovered or recycled fibre. The purchase of recycled products is in accordance with Gomà-Camps’ policy for the promotion of recycling and environmental contamination reduction, and within the development of the circular economy.
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