Gomà-Camps Group, tissue paper tradition and future


We are a family business group dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of tissue paper and related solutions, with more than 265 years of experience and international presence.

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The Camps family begins manufacturing paper with the construction of a paper mill in La Riba (Tarragona), awarded to Francesc Camps i Camps. The mill manufactures silk paper by hand, for official documents.
The manufacturing of fine, low grammage papers, specially smoking paper, is promoted for the tobacco industry of the Spanish colonies.
The market for the tobacco industry is lost with the First World War. The company starts to manufacture fine wrapping papers and manilas for wrapping bread, shoes, oranges, etc.
In 1941 the company J y M Gomà-Camps S.R.C. is established by the brothers Jaume and Maties Gomà-Camps Solé.
The 50's
Spanish borders open up to new markets and the arrival of products, such as plastic bags, causes a stoppage in paper consumption.
Gomà-Camps starts to manufacture smooth toilet paper.
In 1958, the MP3 paper machine is set up to make smooth, curled single-layer toilet paper.
In 1959 a large fire destroys the factory. After months of work, paper production is resumed.
The 60’s and 70’s
In 1968, a new paper machine is set up to manufacture tissue paper and to market new products such as: toilet paper rolls, kitchen towel rolls, 2 and 3-layer napkins, tissues, etc.
In 1973, industrial warehouses of 10,000 m2 are built in the Valls Industrial Park.
In 1975 the Gomà-Camps S.A. public limited company is created, which incorporates the former J y M Gomà-Camps, S.R.C.
In 1978 the company Pagar S.A. (Papers for Home) is established, which occupies the new Valls facilities. Thus, the manufacturing of napkins and tissues is brought together in a single location.
The 80’s
In 1986 Gomà-Camps begins to manufacture tissue paper from recycled paper.
In 1989 the factory in Vilaverd is built to install the new converting of industrial products for the Spanish professional market.
The 90’s
In 1991, the toilet paper section of La Riba factory burns down, destroying the productive machinery and a second line that was in the assembly phase.
In 1992, a new line of toilet paper manufacturing is launched.
Gomà-Camps strengthens its strategy to manufacture recycled tissue paper during this decade.
The group starts its internationalisation process:
   - In 1993, the French subsidiary Gomà-Camps France is created with headquarters in Castres
   - In 1995, the Portuguese subsidiary Gomà-Camps Portugal is created, initially based in Évora and later in Constancia.
In 2004, Gomà-Camps reaches an agreement with the German family company WEPA for the creation of a new company aimed at consumer goods sector in southern Europe. The company is named GC&Wepa, S.L. and it is located in the industrial area of Ejea de los Caballeros (Zaragoza).
In 2008 Gomà-Camps celebrates the 250th anniversary of its foundation with joint celebrations between employees from Spain, France, Portugal, as well as the GC&WEPA delegation.
In 2009, opens the subsidiary Gomà-Camps Angola with headquarters in Luanda, as a branch of GC Portugal.
The line of 40x40 napkins is launched and the printing production capacity is expanded.
The new Jumbo industrial cellulose manufacturing starts.
Since 2010
In 2014 Gomà-Camps Maroc S.A.R.L. is created for both professional and consumer goods sector markets.
Several investments are made in facilities and improvement of energy efficiency to reduce 10% of CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
In 2015, Gomà-Camps acquires 100% of the shares of GC&WEPA and Gomà-Camps Consumer S.L.U. is established, the group's company focused on the consumer goods sector.
Gomà-Camps is the first tissue company to obtain the European Eco-Label.
Concentration of the group's production in two production centres in the Iberian Peninsula.
Inauguration of the new paper machine (MP7) in Gomà-Camps Consumer, Ejea de los Caballeros.
We want to be the benchmark in the tissue paper sector through recycled materials, differentiation and excellence, ensuring sustainable growth.
To contribute to the collective challenge of improving the world by innovating and offering everyday hygiene solutions that tender to people and planet.
Integrity and commitment. Honesty, respect and responsibility, promoting equality for all people.
Excellence and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm in everything we do to continuously improve customer satisfaction, resource optimization and product quality.
Sustainability and proximity. To promote current growth, development and progress without compromising future natural and environmental resources.
Innovation and collaboration. To provide innovative solutions that meet individual and market needs by promoting a collaborative culture.

In line with the above, in Gomà-Camps Group we work continuously to achieve the proposed values, and in this sense, we have the Code of Ethics, which regulates the behaviours that Gomà-Camps wants to promote, as well as the behaviours that it suggests avoiding both in our internal relationships, as well as with our collaborators.

The Group company, Goma Camps SAU has received in 2022 two grants from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism as a financing entity. In order to mitigate and compensate for the high energy costs that electro-intensive consumers must face, it has received the 2022 call for the "Compensation Mechanism for Electro-intensive Consumers for the charges for financing the specific compensation for renewables and high-efficiency cogeneration and for additional financing in non-peninsular territories" a grant of €210,600.87. On the other hand, to offset the indirect costs attributable to greenhouse gas emissions reflected in electricity prices to sectors exposed to a significant risk of "carbon leakage", it has received the 2022 call for "Aids for compensation of indirect CO2 costs” a grant of €531,506.14.
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